Calligraphy and Canines

Kim McAllister has been doing calligraphy for over 30 years and even runs her own business, Sooner Calligraphy, which is known to have the most reputable customer service and exquisite artwork. She has used her amazing talent to serve other people, including those in the bridal industry. Many young brides and wedding planners hire Kim to complete calligraphy for their upcoming events in order to add a sense of beauty and authenticity to their venues. Ms. McAllister even specializes in handwriting invitations for her clients so that she can help lift a heavy burden off busy brides and at the same time have an opportunity to express her artwork. She has had nothing but success with her calligraphy business and many brides have given her high ratings based on her excellent skills and customer services. Many people not only recognize Ms. McAllister as a talented calligrapher, but also as a kindhearted soul who is passionate about developing friendly relationships with those around her. She and her two "right-hand dogs," Snickers, a sweet and gentle Morkie, and Gidget, an adorable and sassy Yorkie, have always spread joy among their neighborhood and the Oklahoma City Metro Area. Ms. McAllister also runs a Doggie Day Care through Rover and has cared for many people's furry friends during their vacations. She provides a warm and friendly home environment for the pups so that they can interact with others and enjoy plenty of time outside in the backyard. Even Snickers and Gidget love having new friends to play with everyday.